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Settling in California - Precious Core
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I have been planning to do a Monday morning post for a couple of weeks now but I keep sleeping way into my Monday mornings than I want to. I always wake up past the time I expected to wake up and by then my day is already crowded with […]

watermelon 3
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Yesterday was quite the day! I wake up in the morning with great plans to shoot several videos for my YouTube channel. But first I have to eat breakfast and go shopping. So after all the morning things (prayers, making my bed, changing from PJs into clothes for the day, brushing, […]

African stir fried vegetables with fufu
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You guys, I have news for you. We are moving! Mr. N, our 3 girls and I are moving from Minnesota to California! And let me tell you: these are busy days! While I want to be able to still post content here on the blog, I just can’t keep […]

Tuesday Things
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What a beautiful Tuesday morning, friends. It’s been a while since I did a lifestyle update post but today sounds perfect for that kind of thing. I have many things on my mind which I would love to share with you guys. Here we go: 1. Your girl got registered […]

The power of rest
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There is a story I heard years ago that has stuck with me for life. Many years ago, in my graduate student hostel, a woman decided to work more than here body could take it. She was moving into the hostel and had tons of work to do. And she […]